Who do I contact to book a table?

E-mail info@lotuskc.com or Facebook / Instagram message us. Text (816) 653-0549

Is there a minimum? How much do I have to spend? Is there a reservation fee?

Yes, we have a table minimum. This means you will have to spend a certain amount of money to reserve a table. Our tables minimums start at $250.

What is included with the table?

The alcohol you purchase, mixers (soda, juice, etc.) A server will also be provided. 

How many people can each section hold?

10 guests comfortably.

How many people can I bring? Do we have to pay cover?

The first 10 guests with each table will not have to pay a cover charge.  Up to 5 additional guests can join each VIP section and may use the VIP entrance for expedited entry but will be charged a cover charge.

What time do I need to arrive if I make a reservation?

12am or you run the risk of us selling the table to someone on the waiting list. 

What do we wear? Is there a dress code?

We do have a dress code so dress to impress. We do not allow jerseys, sweatpants or gym shorts. Men cannot wear cutoff shirts. Hats are allowed. 

Is the tip included? Are there any extra charges?

To ensure quality service we do apply an additional 18% gratuity to all VIP tables.